I found myself once (July 2011) apparently having to start a blog to continue posting on Climate Etc.  I mainly post there as Faustino, but for the blog I used my other nom de net, Genghis Cunn.  I called it “notablog” as I had no intention of regular blogging, but 17 months on I found a reason to post a picture which others could link to, in connection with a comment on the estimable Steve McIntyre’s Climate Audit.  Perhaps it will be habit-forming.

Occasionally when I intend to post as “Faustino”, WordPress uses “genghiscunn”, so I occaionally use the form “Faustino aka Genghis Cunn”.

Why Genghis Cunn?  I’m a (now retired) economic policy adviser, whose (very broad) focus has mainly been on what drives economic growth.  I worked long ago at the UK National Economic Development Office and Australia’s Office of EPAC, both of which advised councils chaired by the Prime Minister.

I later worked at Queensland Office of Premier & Cabinet (for Kevin Rudd) and Queensland Treasury.  There were far fewer like-minded people there.  I had an anti-interventionist cartoon on my office door, but rabid interventionists often came in and sounded off against “right-wing” economists, by which they meant those with views shared by about 98% of the profession.  I studied at the London School of Economics, my name is Michael Cunningham, and Genghis Khan is often invoked as the epitome of a right-winger.   I therefore put a sign on my door identifying myself as the Director of the Genghis Cunn School of Economics.  Sadly, the interventionists didn’t get the message.  However, whenever I attend a function which requires stating my professional allegiance, I clip on my CGSoE identification.  Most impressive.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Faustino,
    The latter is a good opinion bye the way. You are pretty obviously pretty intelligent.

    We sparred a little over my reference to exponential population growth at Climate etc..

    The population at my birth was 2.4 billion, 7.2 billion and still growing. This 21st Century population growth mandates a real energy plan.

    Human’s consume a staggering amount of resources. Do we overlook the latter just because CO2 is a hot topic. Is CO2 really a 20 year old humans biggest problem? The biggest problem of this Century (1 or 2 C. increase maybe)?

    Tautological CAGW is only rhetoric which is a problem in this discussion.


    • GarryD, congratulations on discovering my incipient blog. Not really launched yet, I somehow have climateetc in the URL and don’t know how to change it.

      I wasn’t sparring, but population growth is definitely far from exponential. I can’t comment on whether the UN scenario is optimistic, I have little faith in long-term projections, but that may be the best current assessment. All demographers I’m aware of see a similar pattern. As for “a viable energy plan” to support a growing population, I have even less faith in long-term planning, I think that the best outcomes will emerge when government policy and regulation minimally restricts innovation, entrepreneurship, markets and trade. The collective wisdom of the nine billion should prove superior to the limited and generally short-term purview of governments and bureaucratic planners.

      As for alleged CAGW, I’ve seen no convincing argument that justifies massive expenditure on emissions reductions, I don’t see responding to it as a priority.

      I use the nom de net Genghis Cunn on several fora, and chose it rather than Faustino for this blog, which will be renamed “Genghis Cunn’s hoards.” No, not a spelling error, a subtlety to be clarified when I’m organised.

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